C.C. Clean, Corona and life as a coworker

C.C. Clean hos Coworking Plus

C.C. Clean keeps the house clean

C.C. Clean is a family-owned business created by the couple Carsten and Lotte and is run in collaboration with their daughter Natacha and son-in-law Jonatan. The company consists of 15 employees that share many relationships with each other, which makes them a strong team, where cleaning is not just a function, but a work that forms the frame for an everyday life, where both customers and employees are happy.

“Quality cleaning is not something you notice”

Their vision is to create a close relationship with their customers, this also applies to Coworking Plus, where C.C. Clean feels a great coworker responsibility. From the time they started the cleaning work at Coworking Plus starting in September 2019, they chose to move into the house, and from that day on they were not just a cleaning company, but coworkers. Their core value is “Smil Smitter”, smiling is contagious, which can be enjoyed daily, by the other coworkers. C.C. Clean highlights that cleaning is a very important part of our everyday lives.

From their living room to an office

C.C. Clean has been in business since the late 80’s. They put a lot of effort into CSR and very much believe that all personnel must be well trained and so they are training them themselves. In this way, they can maintain a high standard of cleaning and a close relationship with their employees.

About a year ago, they took a new leap where they consciously chose to change their customer portfolio and take the company to a new direction.

It has been a big but positive change, for the family business, to move the business out of their living room and into Coworking Plus. The move has given loads of growth and has lifted the company to a more professional level. C.C. has used the move to get standardized contracts, schedules, etc. Moving the company from its own living room into a professional work environment has simply been a huge success.

Personal hygiene and cleaning is the new black!

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought massive changes to everyone’s lives, and cleaning companies such as C.C. Clean experience a whole new focus and interest in cleaning work. They experience a great deal of interest in products made for washing and disinfecting hands. In collaboration with Christoffer Hunter from Focus Denmark, who also resides in Coworking Plus, they help train cleaning staff and develop training courses. They see an increasing interest in the cleaning work, which can be seen as “the new black”. 

In addition to the regular cleaning, some of the new measures that C.C. Clean have introduced in Coworking Plus are; more frequent wiping of handles. Large surfaces that are being touched a lot are disinfected every morning in common areas, set up signs, tissues and hand disinfectant in common areas as well as kitchens. If you as a tenant would like to have your workspace disinfected, it is now possible to purchase disinfection of the office space and more frequent cleaning than normal. 

They also underline that they only use approved products and have data sheets of the disinfecting products and of course the other products they use. As an additional step in the fight against Coronavirus, all staff use gloves when they work.

C.C.Clean works closely with Coworking Plus, around the new everyday life of the Coronavirus, where hand disinfectant dispensers, signage and other guidance should help set the standard for the new normal.


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